What is XerUs

XerUs or Xervices Us is Work Order Apps. It make easy to stay on top of your Business. No late tasks. No gimmicks!

Real-Time Data

Real-Time lets you monitor live activity that's happening on your site or app. This report is updated constantly and every hit is reported seconds after it happened.

Impressive Support

We have customer service that online 24/7. so you cant contact us anytime.


Work Order

Make every work order for every divison on your business that you can check everywhere and everytime.

Performance Report

Make simple every report cause everything run automatically and directly. This will save time because you no longer need to check one by one.


Our Feature

You can make how many divison in your business and give them different feature every divison have. Each division will have their own progress and work to do. and you will have the main access for every report of each divison performance.

Connect Every Divison

Our app will connect every division and their work. makes your work faster, easier, and more efficient.


QR Support

XerUs already have QR-Feature. so you can do QR-Scan or Genereate QR-Code for your business


It's time to upgrade your company!

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